Creative Kids Tales (CKT)

Speakers Agency

Creative Kids Tales has grown to become a highly respected name within the children’s writing industry and is honoured to represent over 60 talented authors and illustrators. They're handpicked, experienced professionals will entertain and inspire those attending your next literary event.

Audience members will be transported into the creative world, through engaging story-telling and educational content that will reveal the magic that lies within the written word. Whether booking for a school, preschool, library, festival, or conference, the CKT Speakers Agency is committed to finding the perfect match for your event. CKT Speakers Agency founder, Georgie Donaghey will personally assist you.

Larrikin House works closely with the CKT Speakers Agency, to ensure all speakers visits include books available for purchase. 

‘Larrikin House is our bookseller of choice. Everything Larrikin House stands for emulates Creative Kids Tales’ values. We are proud to work with James and his team to ensure audiences have a speaker experience like no other.’ Georgie Donaghey

Combining their 50 years of industry experience. Georgie Donaghey, Creative Kids Tales, and James Layton, Larrikin House, will add polish and professionalism to your next literary celebration.