How to Hug a Cactus

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ISBN: 9781922503176 (Hardcover)  ISBN: 9781922503183 (Softcover)

How do you hug a cactus?
I’d really like to know.
You see, I love my cactus,
And my hugs will help it grow.

A young girl explores the possibilities of hugging her most favourite plant, a cactus. With a little help from her family members and a gardening guru, she tries a number of solutions to help solve her prickly problem, all with varying degrees of success. How to Hug a Cactus is a story that will ‘stick’ with many readers.

Author: Emily S Smith
Illustrator: Aleksandra Szmidt
Extent: 32pp
Format: Hardcover
Size: 270mm x 255mm
Published in 2021 by Larrikin House


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