Have you heard the one about the student who couldn’t stop laughing?

There are many things students giggle about in classes - often when you don’t want them to!

But the best time to hear them laughing is when they’re laughing at a book.

What we know: Kids humour is our area – we take fun very seriously!  We bring some of the funniest authors and illustrators together to create engaging stories for children.  

To keep little eyes glued to our pages, we ensure their interests and sense of humour drives what we do.

As a result, readers are engaged and giggling at stories, instead of who f……

Forgot their manners.

Engagement is key: By keeping their attention locked on you during read-alouds, students take in words, rhyme, and language. Literacy has the potential to be enhanced as an organic by-product of story time, extending on your explicit instruction. The more effectively we keep them engaged, the more they can learn and grow – HUMOUR is one of the best tools for this.

So, the student who couldn’t stop laughing? They’re already hooked on Larrikin books!

Stock up your classroom today!