Larrikin House love edgy, quirky, humorous stories that push boundaries and challenge stereotypes.

On the 1st March and 1st September Larrikin House will open the submissions portal for the following manuscript submissions:

Picture books (ages 3-7) no more than 500 words (complete)
Junior fiction (ages 5-9) no more than 1000 words (sample)
Middle grade fiction (ages 9-13) no more than 1000 words (sample)
Graphic novels (ages 7+) no more than 1000 words (sample)



Brand is everything to Larrikin House. Familiarise yourself with our latest and best-selling titles and their authors/ illustrators. 

Engage with us at literary festivals.

Learn about the industry by attending workshops, festivals and joining associations and writing groups.

Follow Larrikin House and their authors/ illustrators on social media.


Get to know us through a School of Larrikins workshop

A 1:1 manuscript assessment with James Layton or Dani Vee

A Pitch Party (held prior to manuscript submissions opening)

Other writing/ industry courses with trusted providers 


  • Know our brand. This is key! We can tell if you have done your research, so stalk away.
  • Story is KING! Build a great story and then think about the words!
  • Characters are everything. Make them interesting through story, plot, banter or dialogue. Think about how they might push boundaries or challenge current stereotypes.
  • Work hard on your manuscript. Write several drafts, deliberate over it, and make it the best piece of work you can before submitting. If writing in rhyme, work hard by using a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary.
  • If your manuscript has an important message, fun and quirk must come first. Hide the veggies!
  • We love a good hook! Make sure your hook comes in the first 1-3 stanzas!
  • What’s the buy in for the kid? Why will kids want to read this story again and again?
  • We love the unexpected!
  • Consider using contemporary names for characters.
  • Respect the craft, don’t send your first draft!


Please note – manuscripts may not be read if formatting guidelines are not followed.

  1. Include your name and email address in the header.
  2. Name your document ‘TITLE – YOUR NAME.’
  3. Begin with a clean version of your manuscript with brief illustration notes kept in the margins.
  4. If including a bio, please include it after the manuscript. It should be no more than 250 words and only include previous traditionally published works and/ or your involvement in the industry.
  5. All manuscripts should be double spaced, font 12, using Arial or Times New Roman.


Due to the high volume of manuscripts we receive, we cannot reply to everyone. You may hear from us if:

  • We are interested in taking your manuscript to pre-acquisitions or would like you to re-write or re-think some ideas.
  • You are submitting after having completed a manuscript assessment.
  • You are submitting after having completed a School of Larrikins workshop or Pitch Party.
  • You have accepted an invitation from the publisher to write something for us.