School of Larrikins is our way of helping aspiring authors smash the slush pile! If you want to know exactly what we’re looking for and what makes a Larrikin title unique, School of Larrikins is for you! 

We want to push boundaries in children’s publishing and welcome your quirky, cheeky, bold creations. Let us help you to structure them for our well-established school market and produce work to the standard of our growing Larrikin tribe. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become the next Larrikin, sign up today!


Our Little Larrikins know what they want! They seek out our stories for humorous, engaging reads that inspire and entertain. Sometimes, it’s hard for adults to shake off the ‘grown-up’ factor and write for this audience. School of Larrikins will guide you step-by-step in creating the books our readers love! 

This is not a generic how-to class, nor is it for the absolute beginner. We suggest this class is best suited to aspiring authors with an inkling they would like to produce funny stories, have read a selection of our titles and have covered the basics of writing for children. The Writers Centre in your state will have an extensive list of these type of courses.

Welcome aboard!

If you’ve ticked off these things, and are serious about becoming our next Larrikin, welcome aboard!

Our Workshops and Master classes will take you through the skills that you will need to produce the type of work we want to publish!