James Layton

Publisher & Bookseller

Larrikin House Publisher James Layton is passionate about creating fun, edgy and unique books for young readers. His industry experience spans thirty years as both a bookseller to schools and in 2018 a children’s publisher. His first question to authors when assessing manuscripts is always ‘What’s the buy-in for the kid?’ As a young reluctant reader himself, James started creating humorous books to engage kids and make them laugh. His frank, no-nonsense approach is invaluable for anyone who wants a publishing deal.

Dani Vee

Publicist, Author & Podcaster

Dani Vee is host of the popular literary podcast Words & Nerds and has interviewed more than five hundred authors about their writing process, as well as a facilitator at literary festivals. As Larrikin House publicist she liaises with industry professionals and assesses picture book manuscripts together with James Layton (Publisher) in the Larrikin House slush pile. Dani currently has nine books in the pipeline with Larrikin House writing both issue based and comedic manuscripts.

Scott Stuart

Bestselling Children’s Book Author

Scott Stuart is a best-selling children’s book author who is committed to creating content that empowers kids. His books have appeared on numerous best-seller lists, as well as being shortlisted for ABIA Children’s Book of the Year and CBCA Notable Picture Book of the Year.His empowering messages have been seen over 100 million times on Social Media, and he is a leading voice on fully accepting and empowering our children, exactly as they are.

Coral Vass

Australian Children’s Author 

Coral Vass is an award-winning Australian Children’s Author. She has been writing books for over a decade and loves to visit schools, often running writing workshops and inspiring young people with a love for literature.

Coral is also an ambassador for Reading Out of Poverty and is passionate about giving all children an equal opportunity to read. Her signature writing style has a splash of rhythm, a dash of rhyme and is stirred with fun!  

Adam Wallace

New York Times Bestselling Author

Adam Wallace is a New York Times Bestselling author who has visited over 500 schools and libraries, over 800 markets and festivals and, more importantly, who has a mini-golf course in his backyard! After advice given to Adam by authors who shall not be name-dropped (initials Andy Griffiths and Michael Salmon), and after his own experiences in schools, Adam believes that connecting face-to-face with students, librarians and teachers is the best base to build a writing career from. It gets you amongst the most important people in children’s books, it improves your writing, it improves your confidence, and it builds your cash flow.