Hudson Park Primary School

This year I decided to go with Larrikin Book Fairs, as I was so impressed with the quality and range of books that I had received in their Book Packs. Even though Larrikin doesn’t provide the rolling bookshelves here in WA, it didn’t bother me, as I had the freedom to play around with my displays and adjust it to my Book Week Theme. I received my Book Fair stock well in advance and was able to browse through the boxes and decide on my Book Fair set up. The focus of the Larrikin Book Fair was clearly books, not trinkets and students could spend the $1 and $2 coins on books rather than unnecessary stationery. Many parents commented on the variety of books, and the overall quality and price range. I am very happy with Larrikin.

Carnaby Rise Primary School

I have been really happy with Larrikin as my choice of company for fairs. My sales are well up on the last 3 school book fairs with far more enthusiasm and positive feedback on this one. Consistent comments from parents and students is how much they prefer having it laid out on tables like a book shop rather than in cases. Teachers and parents are also very happy there is no novelty stationery, & I have only had about 3 students ask for it, so winning! $4500 as of this morning and at 40% commission with no expiry for your first fair with Larrikin, I’m happy. James has been more than helpful and is very flexible with delivery dates etc.

I will certainly be re booking with larrikin next year!

Diona Cooper
Library Manager

I have been purchasing book packs from Larrikin House (Learning Discovery) for over 10 years. The book packs are great value, good quality and most importantly fully sized. I therefore did not hesitate to take the opportunity to hold a Book Fair. 

Larrikin House was brilliant to deal with, especially with COVID constantly in the background. They were superb with their communication, clarity and understanding of the situation Schools were facing. The Book Fair was tremendous value for money for all students and staff, exactly what everyone needed. I will be looking forward to next year’s Book Fair. Many thanks and keep up the great work.

Library Officer - Scarborough Primary School WA

Changing to Larrikin for my Book Fair this year was a great decision. The quality and quantity of books available was fantastic. The feedback from teachers, parents and students was all very positive. I only had 1 student raise the issue of no pens and pencils as that is normally all she can afford, once she realised there were books for $1, $2.50 and $5 she was happy as she could still afford to buy something. James and his team were amazing with their support and flexibility. Stock arrived well in advance so I had plenty of time to set up, working part time this is a huge bonus. 

We will definitely be using Larrikin again.

Thilanka Kalupahana Library Officer

Thank you so much Louise Moore (Carnaby Rise Primary) for introducing me to Larrikin House. I’m so glad I made the decision to go with Larrikin House book fair this year, the team is very helpful, flexible and easy to work with. I love their collection, which starts at $1 and up and was very affordable for students. I’m so glad my students didn’t waste money buying unnecessary stationary as I would rather them walk out with a book for a dollar or two. Feedback was amazing from parents and staff. They sent stock, posters and digital invites well in advance, which made it easy to distribute throughout our communication channels, so parents and students could find out about the book fair well in advance. Overall quality of books, price range and great team I recommend Larrikin book fairs to anyone interested in doing a changeover. Thank you so much James, Sarah, Alison for your support throughout. I’m so excited to have my book fair again with Larrikins next year!!!

Louise Medling - Tambrey Primary School

We decided to go with a Larrikin House Book Fair and we are so pleased we did. Our Book Fair was a huge success with 4 days of amazing sales and support from our school community. I believe the success comes down to the variety of the books, from picture books to novels to non-fiction to readers to boxed sets, there really was something to peak everyone’s interest. The books supplied are not the run of the mill books, they are not what you find on the shelves in Kmart or the likes which was one of the many reasons we thought to give Larrikin a go. The price points are value for money giving everyone the chance to purchase a book. The ladies at Larrikin were fantastic to work with, it has been a pleasure. The stock arrived early, posters and digital advertising was great, I felt I could email or call with any little question being our first time. Being supplied with an eftpos machine was a huge bonus, this really boosted sales. If you’re thinking of switching it up and trying a Larrikin House Book Fair I would highly recommend you do it.