If you loved our last variety pack, then you’ll love our next one too!

To save time, and maybe even find time to make a coffee or go to the loo (we know what it's like to work  in schools)  join over 500 customers who receive our variety packs automatically once or twice a year.

Enjoy the convenience and accolades of your peers when you receive our expertly curated variety packs that arrive like magic at the beginning of Terms 1 and 3. Opting in or out at any time is super easy.

How it works?

All packs are sent On Approval with a Return Post label supplied. The standard 21 day viewing time applies. We do it all for you!

Price Scales:
Picture Books (Softcover) / Non Fiction (Softcover) / Board Books (2 packs avail per year) 
1-19 Books $13.50ea |
20-39 Books $11.50ea | All 40 Books $9.50ea

Primary Fiction / Graphic Novels (2 packs avail per year)
1-39 Books $15.00ea | All 40 Books $12.50ea

Primary Manga / Secondary Manga (1 pack avail per year)
1-29 Books $17.50 ea | All 30 Books $15.00ea


Auto Packs are shipped at the beginning of Term 1 and Term 3.

Simply fill out the below form, adding any or all of the pack options to your service.

If you have any questions please call us on 1800 841 569.

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