What is it?

Larrikin House are proud to announce the launch of our very own Larrikin Ambassador Program.

Larrikin Ambassadors is a peer-to-peer leadership program designed to champion the love of reading. Perfect for primary students from grades 3-6, this program is designed to be flexibly paced with a super fun checklist of activities that can be completed with minimal direction.

Students will develop leadership skills, gain a sense of achievement by completing tasks, and benefit from the added confidence achieved by challenging themselves.

Some tasks will require courage, others a wild imagination! You can even add your own ‘wild card’ challenges.


Re-create a Larrikin story into a rap or song and perform it.

Re-design a Larrikin character with your own illustration.

Re-imagine the ending of a Larrikin story and write it.

Read a Larrikin story to a class.Translate a Larrikin story into a foreign language and read it aloud. 

Run a short story competition.Write or film a book review.

Create an animation / claymation of a Larrikin story.

Turn a Larrikin story into a play / game.

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Larrikin Ambassadors program is most suitable for primary school aged students in grade four to grade five, but open to grades three to six. There’s no limit to the number of ambassadors you can appoint, your Ambassador Kit will have sufficient stationery for 4 students. You can purchase more if required.

As the home of children’s stories with humour and heart, Larrikin is making a promise to young readers to keep their interests at the fore, ensuring that we are delivering the books that Little Larrikins will LOVE TO READ!

We bring the scary, the hairy, the slimy, the grimy, the laugh ’til your belly hurts books that keep kids engaged.


HB$295 / PB$195 includes:

20 picture books delivered periodically during the school year in your choice of either hardback or paperback

4 x Ambassador Activity Postersx 4 Ambassador Badges

4 x Ambassador Certificates

‘How-to’ Ambassador Guide

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