Brittany & Co Take on Paris

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by John Larkin & Rebecca Timmis

Brittany & Co. are horse crazy, but when their headmistress, Ms Tralala, bans their actual horses from their extracurricular school horse club, they decide instead to compete in The First Inaugural International Hobby Horse Championships in Paris (TFIIHHCiP).

To raise money for their trip they attempt to sell radioactive chocolate crackles outside the village bookshop! With the help of Ms Tralala, who insists on joining them on their adventure, Brittany & Co. take on Paris in a way that Paris has never been taken on before. Will it matter that they haven’t done a scrap of practice for their big competition?

BE WARNED: This book will make you laugh until you puke.

Author: John Larkin
Illustrator: Rebecca Timmis
Format: Paperback
Size: 198mm x 128mm
ISBN: 9781922804686
Published in 2024 by Larrikin House

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