Brock The Croc

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By: Adrian Beck, Dean Rankine (Illustrator)

Brock the Croc lives in a thriving swamp. As the only crocodile, he loves attention and parties all day. Brock rides his motorbike, holds extravagant swamp discos, and plays electric guitar. But when humans set up a worksite next to the swamp, Brock and his friends learn their home is set to be filled-in with concrete! The animals all turn to Brock to save them, but has he been exaggerating his achievements? Will he be able to live up to his reputation and stop the humans from destroying the swamp forever?

Published: 5th June 2024
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number of Pages: 200
For Ages: 6 - 12 years old
Publisher: Larrikin House
Dimensions (cm): 15.0 x 19.0

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