Cool Careers: Genetic Engineers

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Author: H W Poole

Product Category: Business & Economy / Bus/Econ: Careers/Occupation

The end of cancer and other fatal diseases. Plants that can not only survive but thrive in a changing climate. Food that makes us healthier simply by eating it. All these developments and more may be on the horizon, thanks to developments in the fields of genetics, genomics, and biotechnology. Our society will need workers who understand all these developments--not just scientists and engineers but counselors, educators, and ethicists. In this book you'll learn about the many opportunities that exist for people with a background in genetics; the typical educational paths; key skills for success; how to start honing your skills; and much more. Genetic Engineers is just one of the many exciting titles in the Cool Careers in Science series. Readers will discover cutting-edge science, technology, and engineering careers, and dozens of subspecialties. You will also learn why these careers are some of the most exciting, best paying, and fastest growing occupations in the world.

Australian Curriculum:
Science - Science as a Human Endeavour

Published: March 2023
Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
Pages: 80
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Mason Crest Publishing
Product Category: Business & Economy / Bus/Econ: Careers/Occupation

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