Cool Careers: 3D Printing Specialists

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Author: Andrew Morkes

Product Category: Business & Economy / Bus/Econ: Careers/Occupation

3-D printing is a manufacturing process that involves adding layers and layers of building material in precise geometric shapes until the 3-D object is complete. 3-D-printed objects are now used in many industries and areas, including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, fashion, and medical and dental prosthetics. A career in 3-D printing is the perfect choice for those who want to use their science, technology, engineering, design, and mathematics skills to build things. In this book, you'll learn about career paths for 3-D printing specialists, the types of 3-D printing processes, typical educational paths for 3-D printing specialists, key skills for success in the field, methods of exploring 3-D printing careers while in school (including camps, competitions, and information interviews), average salaries, the employment outlook, and much more. 3-D Printing Specialist is just one of the exciting titles in the Cool Careers in Science series, introducing readers to cutting-edge science, technology, and engineering careers and dozens of subspecialties. You will learn why these occupations are some of the most exciting, best-paying, and fastest-growing occupations in the world.

Australian Curriculum:
Science - Science as a Human Endeavour

Published: February 2023
Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
Pages: 80
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Mason Crest Publishing
Product Category: Business & Economy / Bus/Econ: Careers/Occupation

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