Funny Kid Catastrophe (Funny Kid, #11)

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By: Matt Stanton

A new pet purchase becomes CATASTROPHIC. Laugh your head off with the super-popular Funny Kid series!

Every kid wants to laugh, and Max is the boy who can make it happen. He's also the boy who absolutely, definitely, does not under any circumstances want a cat. So why did Mum and Dad just bring one home?

Max is the funny kid ... but now a cat is here to ruin his life!

Cat bums, cat claws, ticklish cats, piano-playing cats, cats that will run away and cats that won't (oh, and a jealous Duck in a jacuzzi) are just some of the things in store for Max and his friends in this brand-new Funny Kid adventure!

Series: Funny Kid
For Ages: 7+ years old
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 240
Published: 3rd November 2022
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 2 x 13 x 19.8

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