Girls Survive Graphic Novels: Gemma and the Great Flu

SKU: 9781669012979

$12.00 $14.99
Author: Julie Gilbert

With two brothers fighting in the Great War, Gemma Dorgan’s life is filled with worries. But when the Spanish Flu hits Philadelphia, the Dorgan family faces their own battle at home. Gemma’s mother is desperate to keep the family safe from influenza, but her father feels he must help provide care to the sick. Meanwhile, Gemma misses her friends terribly. Will Gemma and everyone she loves survive the great flu? Part of the Girls Survive Graphic Novel series, Gemma and the Great Flu brings a defining historical event to life.

Published: March 2024
Reading Level: Primary
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Capstone
Product Category: Graphic Novel / Graphic Novel: Fiction

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