Larrikin House Author Mentorship Program 2024



At Larrikin House, we believe that by creating a supportive and transparent community, we are providing creatives with a unique experience to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the writing, publishing and bookselling industry. 

We encourage writers to learn their craft and submit their work to the most appropriate publisher.

We've put together a package to keep you learning your craft all year, some of it interactive and some of it at your own pace.

Please note that this is an all access package to workshops and feedback, it is not a guarantee of publication with Larrikin House or any other publisher. 

The Package includes:

⭐️ All 6 School of Larrikins workshops in 2024 (these are live and not recorded - dates on the website)

⭐️ Access all On Demand workshops for 2024 (currently four but will grow!)

⭐️ Manuscript Assessment with Dani Vee – 45 minutes via Zoom (including written comments)

⭐️ Manuscript Assessment Follow Up after re-write with Dani Vee via Zoom (including written comments)

⭐️ Pitch the publisher your final manuscript (15 minutes). 

⭐️ Final feedback from publisher.

⭐️ Submit three manuscripts outside normal submission dates in 2024 which will be read by both Dani and James.

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