Manuscript Assessment via Zoom

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James Layton / $299
James has 30 years experience as both bookseller and publisher. He will assess your picture book manuscript and provide you with detailed commentary in your zoom session. James' specialty is concept, so he'll be keen to workshop ideas with you around how your story could become something commercially viable. Ask questions about your manuscript, the publishing industry or anything book related - James is more than happy to help you on your publishing journey. 

Currently James is taking a break from assessments due to heavy workload, but will be back on deck soon.

Dani Vee / $199
Dani works directly with Publisher James Layton on deciding which manuscripts are on brand and make the cut from the slush pile. Dani has secured a nine picture book deal with Larrikin House including My EXTRAordinary Mum and a six-part My EPIC Dad! series. Dani is host of the popular literary podcast Words and Nerds. Dani's specialty is fun, quirk and humour. She will show you how to 'up the ante' in your stories so kids love them. 


Please choose your assessor from the options available.
We will email you to arrange a convenient time for your Zoom.

Please email your manuscript to

*NOTE: Manuscript assessments are for picture story books only with a limit of 500 words.


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