Numbskull and Nincompoop: Science Fair Shenanigans

SKU: 9781922804723

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by Adam Wallace & Dave Atze

Numbskull and Nincompoop are the best of friends. They also think a dog kennel is their house and planes are talking flies.

This lovable and hilarious duo manage to get themselves into all sorts of sticky situations.
Can they defeat Samson O’Reilly, the smartest kid in the entire school and win the Science Fair? Or will they get hit with a sledgehammer, run over by a tractor and shot out of a canon? Only time will tell!

Written by wacky bestselling author Adam Wallace, this new series is sure to raise some eyebrows!

Author: Adam Wallace
Illustrator: Dave Atze
Format: Paperback
Size: 190mm x 150mm
ISBN: 9781922804723
Published in 2024 by Larrikin House

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