On Demand - A Guideline to Submissions

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This On Demand VIDEO focuses on submission success!
(Downloadable Video file - 44 minutes duration)

How does a slush pile work? 
How can your manuscript get to acquisitions?
How do you get a publishing contract?

This video is specifically designed for writers submitting to publishers and enquiring about their manuscripts. You will find real experiences from behind the slush pile as well as things you can do right now to improve your chances of getting your manuscript over the line.

In a competitive industry, get the edge by learning as much as you can from someone who culls the slush pile for Larrikin House.

Submissions are open 1 March and 1 September!

Dani Vee works in publicity and acquisitions for Larrikin House and reads all the manuscripts that come through to the slush pile! She culls manuscripts for publisher James Layton, who decides whether the manuscript will get to acquisitions.

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