On Demand - Think Like A Publisher

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This On Demand VIDEO focuses on submission success!
(Downloadable Video file - 63 minutes duration)

Presenters James Layton & Dani Vee

James’ insights into the publishing and bookselling industry spans thirty years. He believes that all authors should have a deep understanding of the industry before submitting their manuscripts.

Dani Vee works in publicity and acquisitions for Larrikin House and reads all the manuscripts that come through to the slush pile! She culls manuscripts for publisher James Layton, who decides whether the manuscript will get to acquisitions.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Why it’s important to think like a publisher, not just an author.
  • Reading engagement and why reading is dead for so many children.
  • An overview of the children's book market in Australia (including the school market) and who is buying the books.
  • An insight into bookshop exposure, including how discount dept stores and online booksellers have changed the market.
  • Why creating edgy, humorous and unique storylines will give you the edge.
  • How much it costs a publisher to publish your book.
  • Challenges of being a publisher into the future.
  • Foreign rights deals and overseas distribution. 

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