Opioid Education First Responders

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by Ashley Nicole

170mm x 240mm
96 Pages
Published by Mason Crest

Thousands of Americans die of drug overdoses each year, and the impact of opioids on the death toll is undeniable. Overdose deaths are linked not only to heroin and fentanyl, but also to pain medications prescribed by doctors. These highly addictive drugs have long-term consequences with risk of overdose being just one. First responders and ER doctors fight the opioid epidemic on the front lines, preventing overdose and death each day. This book explores the situations first responders and ER doctors deal with regularly as well as the efforts communities can make to fight back against the crisis that is killing indiscriminately. The series Opioid Education examines various aspects of opioid use and treatment in the United States and the rest of the world. The purpose of this series is to provide young readers with a greater understanding of the ongoing opioid.

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