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On April 25 every year, Anzac Day is marked with a public holiday. It is a day when people remember all the men and women who have served in the armed forces. Anzac Day also reminds us of our hope for the people of the world to live in peace. Australians celebrate or commemorate a number of special days throughout the year. These special days give us the chance to reflect on the past, appreciate our lives, and look to the future together.

Learn About:
The First Anzacs
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anzacs
The Dawn Service
The Anzac Day March
After the March
The spirit of Anzac Day
Anzac Day around the world
Anzac Day 2020

Special Days
The Special Days series looks at some of Australia's important days, the history behind each day, and how Australians celebrate or commemorate the day. Inside each book, you'll find statistics, fun facts and photographs, as well as current information on how each special day plays a part in Australia's rich culture. Every book is a valuable resource designed to support Australian students and teachers and cover Australian Curriculum topics.

Published: February 2023
Reading Level: Primary
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Redback Publishing
Product Category: History / History: Wars

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