Spray Pen Art Dinosaurs

SKU: 9781789586787

$15.00 $24.99

By: That Top
Series: Activity Station
For Ages: 5 – 8 Years
Pages: 24
Publisher: Imagine That

Get ready for some dino arts and craft activities with this prehistorically incredible Dinosaurs Spray Pen Art set. Any child that loves dinosaurs and enjoys making things is going to have a ROARsome time with this.

The Dinosaurs Spray Pen Art is the perfect arts and crafts set for children who love the world of dinosaurs. Included with this set are four stencil sheets. Each sheet is packed with different dinosaurs ranging from a T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and any more. The way that they bring these dinosaurs to life is with the 5 magic spray pens. These pens are powered by your child’s breath. They breathe into the pen and it magically sprays like spray paint all over the paper.

While making their own cool dinosaur scenes is going to be a great deal of fun for them. The Dinosaurs Spray Pen Art Set also comes with a neat activity book that contains many dino-filled activities for them to sink their teeth into and have a lot of fun with. Any child who has an interest in any kind of arts and crafts and who also has a love for dinosaurs is going to love this set.

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