The Music Box: #4 The Mysterious Disappearance

SKU: 9781669034865

$11.00 $12.99
Author: Carbone

Product Category: Graphic Novel / Graphic Novel: Fiction

After Siloé and her half-brothers unexpectedly entered the Hexaworld, Nola learned a lot about her mother and the history of Pandorient. But the unanswered questions multiply when she discovers a strange key at home. What could it possibly open? To find out, Nola returns to Pandorient, only to learn of a disturbing disappearance. Are Nola, Igor, and Andrea ready for an investigation that could turn life in Pandorient upside down? Will the secrets behind the strange key open a door to adventure or disaster? Find out in the fourth volume of this enchanting graphic novel series that will leave fantasy fans spellbound.

Published: July 2023
Reading Level: Primary
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Capstone
Product Category: Graphic Novel / Graphic Novel: Fiction

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