The Silver Sea

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By: Belinda Murrell

The second book in Belinda Murrell's Tuscian series, set in an Italian Renaissance inspired world filled with magic, mystery, mischievous creatures, and danger at every turn!

'You don't understand how dangerous this is. Anyone you see could be a spy. You cannot trust anyone.'

Sophie returns to the magical land of Tuscia and is instantly thrown into danger - Nanna and Caterina Rossellana have been kidnapped.

To save them, Sophie and Nicco must team up with a theatre troupe who are performing for the Mago, in the city across the Silver Sea.

Can Sophie unravel the political intrigues of Venetto and save the grandmothers? Or will she fall foul of the evil Mago and be thrown into the dungeons to be eaten by the Mostro of the Dark Waters?

For Ages: 9 - 11 years old
Format: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 288
Published: 2nd August 2022
Publisher: Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
Dimensions (cm): 19.6 x 13.1 x 1.9

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