Walking Your Human

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ISBN: 9780648894513 (Hardcover) / 9780648894520 (Paperback) / 9780648894537 (Big Book)

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? It turns out they know just what humans want – to be walked! And once they’re on their way, these dogs will share exactly how to do it.

Walking Your Human is a light-hearted look at the very different ideas dogs and humans have about what makes for a good walk. Readers and their dogs will howl with laughter at this hilarious story with colourful illustrations and memorable characters.

Active, humorous illustrations
Encourages a sense of adventure and intrigue
Simple, easy to follow text
Encourages children to seek answers to their questions
Explores the daily walk from a dog’s Point of View
Investigates a variety of dog species, characters and activities
A fun and energetic story for pet lovers

By: Liz Ledden, Gabriella Petruso
Formats: Hardcover / Paperback / Big Book

Number Of Pages: 32
Dimensions: HB 270 x 255 / PB 265 x 250 / Big 450 x 425

Published by Larrikin House 2021


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