Whacked! Maxx Rumble Cricket Series : Book 6

SKU: 9781742032573

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By: Michael Wagner, Terry Denton
Series: Maxx Rumble Cricket
For Ages: 8 - 10 years old
Format: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 48
Published: 1st October 2012
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 19.8 x 13.0 x 0.4

Maxx Rumble s sporting adventures are absolutely incredible to say the least! You will hardly believe what goes on during a thrilling, and sometimes bizarre, season of cricket.

We got home for a single. It was our first run for the day AT LAST! I looked over at our teammates. Why weren't they clapping? I could see the problem straight away they were asleep! The Dodgy Duffers are the world's most boring team. Can Maxx keep his teammates awake for long enough to win?

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